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All young women have options when it comes to their education and preparation for their future careers.

Granted, some women have more options than others, but every American woman should at least feel that they have some decent career training options and choices.

A pair of new college graduates on graduation daySure, making some of these choices and going down a new, different life path can often be kind of scary.

It's easy and normal to feel some self-doubt and hesitation. But reluctantly deciding to stay in the same, safe environment without ever taking a chance on yourself is not the path you want to go down.

According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), here are some of the most popular fields for women last year.

Fashion is a field that quite a lot of young women think about going into, but few ever really successfully do it.

First, there is a lot of competition in this field. A lot of students think the fashion field looks glamorous and fun, so there are plenty of applicants for every job.

Second, there aren't many colleges that offer a degree in fashion. There are just a few, and most of them are located in the biggest cities.

There isn't a set career training tract in this field like you see in most other fields. While many of the current employees in this field have some formal fashion education, many of them were hired because of some other factor — usually some type of personal connection to someone else already in the industry. In other words, it's a hard field to train for.

Third, if you want to work in fashion, you will have to end up working in a big city. That's where the jobs are. University of Miami and FDSO and have more information on this career.

Interior Design
Interior design is another career field that is similar to fashion. A lot of students are somewhat interested in getting into it, but few ever do.

Like fashion, there aren't many universities that offer degrees in interior design. In order to earn a degree in this field, most students will need to move away to a distant college for four years.

Many of the professionals working in this field earned undergraduate degrees in other related fields and then turned that degree into a career in interior design. You can learn more about interior design training at University of Arizona or IDSG.

If you consider all undergraduate business degrees as the same major, then business is the most popular undergraduate major in the country.

Colleges turn out thousands and thousands of new business degree holders every few months.

But you can understand why it is so popular. Earning a business major isn't as hard as, say, computer science or physics. Most kids can understand it. And if they apply themselves for four years, they can earn their degree.

There are different areas of business. The most common ones are finance, marketing, accounting and general business administration.

Most of the courses aren't that difficult. The upper-level finance classes can be hard if you aren't very good at math, but almost all of the other ones are manageable as long as you are a good student, you know how to study and you are willing to put in the work.

There are lots of jobs for business majors. Generally, finance and accounting majors experience the best opportunities. Even graduates without the best grades or who didn't graduate from the top colleges can get into decent first jobs.

If you are interested in business administration or marketing, your best tactic is to go to the best university you can get into. Many of the best employers are very picky when it comes to which colleges they recruit their marketing and general business hires from.

You can read more about business at Stanford University or OADS.

Nursing is on this page for two big reasons.

First, the employment choices for qualified nurses is tremendous. It always has been and it probably always will be.

The reason for this is simple - supply and demand. There are healthcare facilities all over the country who are always looking for nurses. They are constantly searching for, interviewing and hiring good healthcare workers.

If you enroll at a decent school, attend your classes, do the homework and the on-the-job training, you will not have a problem finding a position.

And for the rest of your career, you will have flexibility when it comes to where you want to live, because every city needs nurses.

Once you have some experience, you will also be able to find a job that offers the right hours as well.

The second reason nursing is on our list is because some nurses love their job. Being a healthcare provider can offer some very meaningful rewards.

Now, many people, maybe even most people, do not have what it takes to be a nurse. The work can be hard. The work can be frustrating. It isn't right for most people.

But for some people, nursing offers a deep satisfaction that's hard to find in a lot of other careers.

University of Wisconsin and NSO can tell you more about it.

Of course, teaching has to make our list too.

Based on enrollment, teaching is the second biggest college major.

Lots of young people become teachers. Teaching allows a lot of students to study what they want to study in college, and then take that interest and be involved with it as a teacher.

Being an educator may not be considered the greatest job in the world, but most people consider it a worthy profession and many teachers do terrific work and feel a great sense of pride and responsibility for their work.

Teachers may be able to find work in cities and towns all across the country. There are schools everywhere and every school needs teachers.

To learn more, you might visit University of Iowa or OTD.

Whatever career field you decide to go into, whether it's one of the above or another growing profession, such as being a professional chef or going into restaurant management, work hard as a student, make some friends and plan early for how you will turn your college years into a new career.